Benefits of Installing PV Solar at your place of business

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Ways how solar energy will benefit your business and make it more sustainable

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If you’re a business owner and looking to get one over the competition AND save the environment at the same time, then going green with solar energy could be a really smart move. Here are the ways solar power can make your business more environmentally and economically sustainable:

Fewer greenhouse gas emissions

The precondition of a successful business is a successful earth! Don’t contribute to unsustainable global warming by sourcing your electricity from dirty, increasingly scarce fossil fuels. Solar energy is a completely clean and renewable energy source with NO greenhouse gas emissions whatsoever. So go solar and your business will quickly become much more sustainable.

Lower electricity bills & strong return on investment

Believe it or not, going solar can also benefit the bottom line of your business! Energy prices continue to increase and are forecasted to keep doing so as fossil fuels become more and more expensive. Switching to renewable energy now could allow you to trim hundreds annually from your energy bills, and increase your business’ profitability. Although the initial upfront cost of installing solar panels may seem exorbitant, they will more than pay their way over time when you factor in the savings on utility bills, maintenance and repairs, money lost from power outages etc. Depending on where you live, you may also be able to take advantage of government rebates and tax incentives encouraging the take up of alternative energy, and installation discounts offered by the company you go with.

Improve your reputation

Going green sends a message to your customers, clients and the community that you are a socially responsible capitalist with an investment in the lives of those around him, and not just someone who is out for himself. Adopting solar energy, even if it is in the form of lamps that convert sun energy into lighting, could be a public relations dream for your business. It might be just the thing that persuades a potential customer or client choose your business over your competitors.

Create jobs in your community

By investing in renewable energy you are creating a demand for that power source, encouraging the creation of jobs in that industry. The more people with good paying jobs, the more potential customers for your business.

More stable power supply/Less service disruption

As fossil fuels become increasingly scarce and the prospect of price spikes, power outages, resource wars, oil embargoes and the like looms on the horizon, you don’t want to be caught up in the crossfires of an unstable energy supply. Although solar has its own problems with intermittency, it could still be the more stable option compared to fossil fuels. Having your own electricity supply gives you independence and means your business operations won’t be constantly disrupted by external factors not under your control. This in turn gives you a boost over the competition who haven’t yet made the switch.

Become a leader in your industry

Again taking the initiative to go green while it’s still a relative novelty promotes your image as a leader or trailblazer in your industry. This decision could really differentiate you from the pack, making you seem progressive and forward thinking. You will attract more clients and customers, and when competitors also make the switch they will remember that you got in first – they will continue to turn to your fro guidance and inspiration in other areas.

Makes your building easier to sell or rent out

Once prospective tenants or buyers see that you use solar energy, they may be more inclined to buy or rent from you.

Solar energy has the potential to improve your business AND save the planet. Although it may seem like a hassle switching over, in the long run the benefits will far outweigh the costs. Solar is far cleaner more eco-friendly energy option than fossil fuels. And by showing customers, clients, prospective buyers and tenants that you care about their quality of life and not just your own hip pocket, they will be more inclined to do business with you.

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