Most Common AC deficiencies that are Increasing your Energy Bills

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Of all the bills that we pay each month, our power bill is one of the largest. And of all our appliances, it’s our air conditioners that eat up a significant part of that bill. When you regularly use your AC, high energy bills are perfectly normal. That is, until you get an power bill so massive you entertain the thought of giving up air conditioning altogether.

Why are your energy bills rising? For one, the price of electricity is always going up. For another, most Americans don’t unplug their appliances, and you’re probably one of them. It’s also entirely possible that there have been errors in the operation of your AC unit since its installation by your air conditioning company. Let’s take a look at the top AC errors that are increasing your energy bills.

Faulty installation

Consider yourself fortunate if your AC unit has been working efficiency since it was installed because that means it was properly installed by qualified air conditioning professionals. Unfortunately, it’s a sad reality that many homeowners complain about improperly installed AC units. Leaky ducts, low airflow, and incorrect refrigerant levels are just some of the consequences of faulty AC installation that impair the performance and efficiency of your unit.

Dirty air filters

Air filters protect your AC from dust and dirt. But if you don’t change out your filters regularly, all that accumulated dirt will impede air flow and make your unit work harder and become less efficient, and that will hit you hard when your next energy bill arrives. Ideally, filters should be changed out every 30-90 days to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

Appliances next to the thermostat

Most appliances generate heat when in use. If you operate an appliance that’s placed too close to the thermostat, it will be fooled into thinking that it’s not working hard enough to keep the room cool. So your AC will keep on churning out cold air even when the temperature’s fine, and that leads to hypertension-inducing electric bills.

The same thing goes for thermostats that are right next to a sun-soaked window or wall.

Poor insulation

Your AC system works so hard to produce cold, clean air. If your house is poorly-insulated, all that expensively-generated air will just escape through the gaps in walls and attics. And since escaping air means the room will never be cool enough, your AC will just keep on working as hard as it can to do its job, which results in higher energy bills, of course.

Neglecting maintenance work

Performing regular maintenance on your AC unit keeps it running efficiently. Neglect AC maintenance work and you’re eventually going to have a unit with dirty parts, clogged drains, and low refrigerant levels that reduce its efficiency and performance. Maintaining your air conditioner also does more than save you money on energy bills. It can also extend the life of your AC system, and at a much lower cost than having to buy a new one. Just make sure you get qualified professionals to do the maintenance work.

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