Solar Power, Solar Pool and Water Heating

ECS has deep experience with using the power of the sun to make the world a greener place—and save you money at the same time! There are three types of solar installations in which we specialize:

Solar Power & Solar Air Conditioning – Photovoltaic (PV) Cells >

Sunlight can be converted to electricity through solar cells known as photovoltaic (PV) cells—”photo” (for light) and “voltaic” (for energy). Normally mounted on a rooftop or in a location for maximum sun exposure, the PV system converts sunlight into electric current to power appliances and other household devices. Once installed, a PV system requires little maintenance and can produce power for more than 20 years.

Solar Water Heating >

Heating water using electricity typically may make up 14–20% of the average home utility bill. A residential solar water heating system can be designed to meet between 50 and 80% of a home’s water heating requirements. A solar water heating system requires collectors to absorb the sun’s energy and a storage system to hold the energy until it is needed. The solar energy collectors are large, flat panels that are most frequently mounted on the roof of a home or building. The systems used to store thermal energy are similar to conventional water heaters. Rebates and tax credits: 30% Federal tax credit including cost of installation.

Solar Pool Heating >

Heating a pool with gas, propane, or electricity is expensive. With an ECS installation of a solar pool heating system, you can double your swim season with incurring no additional monthly cost.