Solar Pool Heating Systems

We are a certified Heliocol, Fafco, and Eco-Spark solar pool heater dealer/installer and we are very excited about this renewable energy product. The solar pool heating system is one of the most efficient solar products on the market. The system costs slightly more than a gas heating system and adds four months to your swimming season in Atlanta. In contrast, the U.S. Department of Energy lists the cost to run a gas heated pool in Atlanta from 4/1 to 10/31 at $840 and puts out a whopping 4,000lbs of CO2 annually.

In contrast, the solar pool heating system costs nothing to operate and puts out zero emissions since solely powered by the sun. The beautiful thing about this is that doing what’s right for the environment and your pocketbook are one in the same when it comes to heating your swimming pool. Columbus resident Tommy Borders had ECS install an ECO-Spark system to heat his pool. He referred to the system as “grandchildren bait”.

“I had ECS install an EcoSpark system for my pool and the system warms the pool up so much that we’re able to swim from late April to early October. My wife likes the pool warm and the ECO-Spark system gets the pool so warm that I have to turn the temperature down in summer. The system is working like a charm with no additional monthly cost to run it.”

– Tommy Borders

Leatherman Solar Pool System
Heliocol solar pool system costs $0/mo to heat the pool
Borders Eco-Spark System
Borders Eco-Spark System Install
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