ECS has been in business since November of 2009 and is located in the Inman Park area. ECS has been the top rated Georgia Power contractor in the Atlanta area each month since GA Power started ranking their contractors in early 2014. ECS was awarded “2014 Georgia Power Contractor of the Year” and “2015 Multifamily Contractor Top Performer” in addition to receiving the “2015 Century Club Award” for performing over 100 efficiency retrofits in 2015.

David Pocklington is chief executive officer and co-owner of Energy Conservation Solutions (ECS) and has worked in construction for more than 21 years—including 5 years in civil engineering. David has been trained as a Certified Building Analyst with the Building Performance Institute (BPI) as well as taken classes for the HERS program (Home Energy Rating System).  David has installed numerous solar water and solar pool heating systems including working on the massive GA Tech solar pool system that overlooks the great city of Atlanta. David has also been trained in commercial building weatherization and Earthcraft construction methods. David has a keen attention to detail and manages all jobs performed for ECS.

Shane Matteson is Vice President and co-owner of ECS. Shane is an avid environmentalist and is very happy to have left the lending business to do something that is helping the planet. Shane co-founded ECS with David in November of 2009. Shane is responsible for sales, logistics, business development, and customer service. Shane manages all rebate submissions for ECS customers and frequently brags that we have yet to let a customer down when guaranteeing a rebate amount.

Ben Girard is a BPI certified Professional Building Analyst with a background in framing, renovations, and finish carpentry. His relationship with ECS began when he hired the company to do an audit and efficiency retrofit on his home in Kirkwood in 2011. His bills dropped precipitously and he kept in touch with ECS since the old office was 1/4 mile from his house. ECS offered Ben a job and he quickly signed on and became certified as a Professional Building Analyst. Ben is very detail-oriented and enjoys problem solving efficiency and comfort issues. Ben is an extremely effective energy auditor who rarely finds an efficiency problem that he cannot figure out. Ben lives in Kirkwood with his wife, two sons, and the farm chickens, dogs, cats, and a big garden.

Paul Bazen is a former corporate finance specialist who decided he hated cubicles and enjoys working with his hands. Paul started with the retrofit crew and then became BPI certified Professional Building Analyst. Paul performs energy audits and is frequently seen around the office after 8 or 9pm trying to work through an energy efficiency problem for one of his clients. Paul is extremely dedicated and focused to providing solutions to efficiency problems.

Jeremey Garrett is a BPI certified Whole House Air Leakage Control Installer and also a certified Duct Envelope Verifier. Jeremey is an extremely dedicated and hard working employee. Jeremey conducts DET/BET tests for builders and he also works with the retrofit crew. Jeremey is not afraid to get dirty and he breaks at least one iPhone every three months crawling around in crawlspaces or attics with the phone in his pocket.

The Energy Conservation Solutions' Team
The ECS crew
GA Power 2014 Home Energy Program Partner of the Year Award
David and Shane receive the GA Power 2014 Partner of the Year Award
Georgia Power awards
Georgia Power awards
energy star - home performance
BPI Certification
power partners solar
FAFCO Solar Water Heating
Heliocol solar pool panels
Energy Conservation Solutions, LLC is a BBB Accredited Energy Management & Conservation Consultant in Atlanta, GA
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