Rates & Pricing

While our competitors don’t publish their rates, we believe in up front pricing

Georgia Power Earthcents energy audit

Structures with 1 HVAC unit are $400 and those with 2 or 3 HVAC units are $450. Georgia Power customers will receive a rebate check for half the cost of the audit in approximately 60 days. We prepare and submit the paperwork to ensure everything is filed properly so you receive your check in a timely manner. Once the energy audit paperwork is submitted, that automatically qualifies you for the subsequent rebates for implementing the improvements.

The cost of an multi-family energy audit ranges from $200$300 dependent upon the size of the job. Please contact us directly to discuss pricing for your project.

Solar Water Heater Purchase and Installation

Our pricing will vary based on a number of variables taken into consideration. The cost of the system ranges from $4,000$6,000 before the 30% tax rebate and the installation cost ranges from $1,500$2,000.

Home Improvements, Renovations and Additions

Our pricing is extraordinarily competitive but will vary dependent upon the project. Please contact us to come out to your house for an estimate.

Solar Swimming Pool Heater

Our pricing will vary based on the amount of panels needed to heat the pool and the difficulty of the installation. Generally, the actual system costs between $3,000-$4,000 and the installation ranges from $1500-$2000.