Savings Calculator

Calculate your energy savings and save a bundle

Savings Calculator

Calculate Your Energy Savings

How long do you plan to live in the home and what are your average utility bills? Those answers are all you need to know to utilize this handy tool to calculate savings and break-even time. You will also need to estimate percentage savings and costs until we visit your home.

Once we conduct a Home Performance with Energy Star audit on your home, the Certified Building Analyst will give you an approximate percentage of savings and cost of implementing the efficiency improvements. Plug the figures into the savings calculator and rerun the numbers before you commit to the home improvements. It’s very important that we make sure that increasing your energy efficiency makes good financial sense for you over the long term.

Instructions: To use this tool just select the ‘click to edit’ button on the calculator and change the values of the gray cells in the top 4 rows as indicated. The yellow cells beneath will calculate your savings based on your input. If you accidentally edit or delete the wrong thing in the tool simply hit your browser’s refresh button to start over.

If you do not see the calculator it may be because you are using Internet Explorer. Try clicking here to open the savings calculator in a new window or open a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome.